KNVB host Dutch FA’s for a day of Diversity

March 21st, the KNVB organised a meeting of Dutch FA’s at their headquarters in Zeist. The meeting was about diversity in football as was attended by around 75 member clubs. The meeting commenced with professor Daniël Wigboldus who had a very interesting story about the working of the human brain. After that, the President of Telstar, Pieter de Waard, told about the diversity in his organisation (lesbian, disabled, turkish).


There where also two workshops, one of which was given by John Blankenstein Foundation. The foundation worked with FC Groningen, together with the football teams under 15, under 17 and under 19. This workshop was about LGBTIQ players on the team and what it means for them to feel alone within the team. Thomas Waanders from FC Groningen has recommend this awareness campaign to all the FA’s.

Karin Blankenstein and Arnold Smit where also present to tell the participants about the Heroes of Football VR  App. The reactions where great, the participants really feel what it is to be alone in the team.

If you would like more information on the VR APP, or the Heroes of Football project, please contact

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