John Blankenstein Foundation

Partner Description

Inspired by the former top referee and gay activist John Blankenstein, the Foundation is works on the acceptance of LGBT athletes in organized sports.

Sport clubs play an important role in society because they offer a social structure and a meeting place for nearly four million athletes in the Netherlands.

Many sport clubs think that they are sufficiently open and safe for everyone. In the perception of LGBT athletes the situation is quite different; They lack the space in the club to talk about their individuality.

The John Blankenstein Foundation believes:

That everyone should be able to participate in sports and have fun, whoever you are and what your background is.

It is every sport club’s goal to win, equality, joy and respect. That a safe environment in every club is mandatory and every LGBT person feels at home as a player, fan,

employee or volunteer. The John Blankenstein Foundation makes the participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender athletes negotiable and visible in sports. The John Blankenstein Foundation uses its influence to put his topic on the agenda of sport federations, clubs and city councils. Via meetings presentations, workshops, training for leaders in sports and coaches, the acceptance of LGBT athletes will gain its place in sports.

Partner Information

Project Coordinator    Karin Blankenstein & Lou Manders

Country                        The Netherlands

Project Specialty         Dutch Football Anti-Discrimination Specialists


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