Partner Information

Project Coordinator An De Kock

Project Specialty Corporate Social Responsibility


Partner Description

The Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) (Dutch: Koninklijke Belgische Voetbalbond, KBVB; French: Union royale belge des sociétés de football association, URBSFA; German: Königlicher Belgischer Fußballverband, KBFV) is the governing body of football and futsal in Belgium. It is a founding member of the international federations FIFA (in 1904) and UEFA (in 1954). The association is based in Brussels, not far from the King Baudouin Stadium. As of 2015, it is presided over by chairman François De Keersmaecker.

The RBFA organizes the Belgium men’s, women’s and youth national teams. It also runs the Belgian football league system. Since 2016 the RBFA has its own Corporate Social Responsibility team to develop social projects, actions and campaigns in Belgian football. To implement these projects the RBFA establish partnerships with relevant organizations in and outside Belgium. More info about the CSR-activities can be found on their website www.belgianfootball.be .

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