Frans Timmermans personally supports the Heroes of Football project.

First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans spoke this evening in Amsterdam Arena to show his support for the Erasmus+ Project movement, “Heroes of Football”. Mr. Timmermans delivered a passionate speech about the importance of football to society, especially as football is one of the few remaining activities that allows people to come together.

He spoke about how your sexuality should not lead to discrimination, and how it’s a natural as the colour of your hair and the colour of your skin. Every weekend when he takes his son to play football, he sees the importance of how football can shape a young persons character, by theaching them how to cope with defeat, play as part of a team, celebrate the success, together. The importance of football is much greater than we could imagine, and this is why he gives his full support to the “Heroes of Football” project.

“You have my support, and I will do whatever I can to help the Heroes project”.

Along with the many European FAs present there was also Francois de Keersmaecker (KBVB), Michael van Praag (KNVB), Monica Namy (Social Responsibility Manager UEFA), Meint Waterlander (PwC), Eric van der Burg (Gemeente Amsterdam), Henk Stokhof (Gemeente Amsterdam).

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Download the full speech here.

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